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Linksys E3000 Router – An Upgraded Form of the Dual-Band Beast

Linksys E3000 Router – An Upgraded Form of the Dual-Band Beast

The new heir to the Cisco throne is finally out. The Linksys E 3000 router is here and will be here to control other 3rd party router manufacturers. This is actually a minor upgrade from the WRT160N version in the end it’s still a ferocious monster.

Linksys has ceased the old version juraganfilm number trending and started with all the newest eseries. Rather than experiencing the version number focus on”WRT”, you will see router models that start with”E”. The E 3000 router may possibly have the previous design of its predecessors but you will find that the slick blue and black body appears with no antennae on it. It surely seems great in a individual office or family area.

The Linksys E3000 may be described as a minor upgrade from the WRT160N however, it’s some significant exceptions. This expansion is capable of tackling transfer rates of up to 300Mbps. It also has dual band wireless-N for easy wireless connectivity, and a 4-Gigabit jack interface for faster speed connections.

The router is easier to install with all the newest software which is included with it. It is somehow like Cisco’s brand new Valet router that’s moreover one of the easiest and fastest to setup. Configuring this new router is now effortless when compared with the old Linksys interface, as it permits you to manage the basic security settings easily.

It has a USB interface for added purposes like file transport which is extremely beneficial. In addition, it enables you to stream media from all storage device is plugged in to the USB port of this router. This router can function as a system drive, allowing you to also add and remove files using your device’s own file browser. Transferring a 1.5 GB file with this router may take approximately nine minutes to complete, that will be good. However, working from the UPnP feature of this router can be somewhat confusing because the graphic user interface (GUI) does not stretch for the kind of function.

In terms of the wireless variety, the E 3000’s definition of a dual band router does not don’t get to the user’s expectations. This is totally a router which could broadcast at either frequencies, at which you are able to benefit from both rate and range. Having the wireless N technology, it joins computers using a stable and fast connection. The dual band status can link throughout the standard 2.4-ghz or the 5GHz, adapting into the interferences which exist in the region. At 5GHz you can stream movies with no interruptions.

The E-3000’s dual band feature was analyzed and was which may find good wireless signal strength, even at the worst point of access.

The Linksys E3000 router features are extremely remarkable. While a few of its features are common, this router gets the differentiation of owning a better wireless variety and quality concurrent with its UPnP feature. If you need a router that’s dual band and a media sharing or file transfer qualities ahead using it, this could be the router to youpersonally.